Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ahuano, mission life, adventures in the jungle!

I appologize for the delay in blog updates / posts we have been very busy these past months and praise the LORD we have had so many blessed encounters so we continually thank HIM for that!
We have had the chance to lead two different 'short term mission trips' both consisting of college kids, and we have hosted the groups in Mishaualli. They have both been extremely participational with the people of Ecuador.
We have had the chance to visit far out communities walking through mud, and through streams. Giving the groups the true "Ecuador" experience, as well as having different work projects constructing chapels in various communities, and over all building relationships with the native people who we serve.

We have had time to start different ministries, in one of our ministries we go to a community named "Chonta Punta" we visit families and share from the word of GOD, we build these relationships that help to build trust and in building these 'relationships' we grow to understand the needs of the people. We have had the opportunity to help construct the church project that has been going on in Chonta Punta, and is now almost finished. Continue to pray for Chonta Punta and for the faith of that community that they will, and can be strong in their lives in leading others to CHRIST.

I have had the chance last year to grow different products here in Ahuano, on some of the land that we live on. These plants have been growing some of them take, six months others a year, these products consist of; Yuca, Plantains, corn, and papaya. I have been harvesting  some of these different plants  over the new year, 2014.
An important sliver of each missionaries life, a most crucial one at that is called in-culturation
In-culturation is basically becoming 'one of the people' partaking in their culture which is food, drink,language, work, and authenticity. Of course being friendly, and talkative with all whom you meet is important part as well.
Of course one of the motives to growing all of the plants is being a part of the community, and showing th people that you are willing to live like they live, work how they work.

We have been blessed with great health, and vigor so we thank the LORD for that gift, keep in mind, and prayer that three of the new missionaries that are now living with
myself and Ryan Lawless here in Ahuano are currently in Quito studying in language school.

I am going to attach some pictures at the end of this update, GOD bless you all!

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