Friday, May 10, 2013

Pictures, Communites

This is a little boy that i met at a community and he was very hungry so i gave him a piece of bread. In these communities they get very little bread it is mostly chicha, fish, yuca, and occasionally juanta (meat.) 

 This was a little Kichqua boy that was outside of the mass and kept filling up this canister looking container with the water that is in the bucket behind him. He looked like he was really having a blast i enjoyed watching him have fun! In the container that you see is what the men will put their chicha when they go work.

This is just a picture of a blind man (the guy in the purple shirt) and Father Jose took the collection and decided to give it this young man, then he got different members of the community to give some of the money from the top of the water container as you see here in this picture, to this young man! This one just so happens to be a first communicate. It was a very awesome, moving thing to see, and later he gave me and Father a big hug! He was very moved and was very gracious to us!  

This was a little kid at a community and at one point during the mass it started to pour down rain i thought the sky might fall down, but it didn't! You could hardly hear the mass at some points, and this kid was just soaking it all in enjoy the rain. He reminds me of my brother Paul with that big belly! 

A first communicate! 

Another girl receiving her first communion, what an awesome thing to be able to witness! 

These kids met us before we even entered their community and we took a picture with them so cool!

These kids wanted me to take a million pictures of them, i am surprised that they all fit into this shot they were so close that i had to keep backing up and almost ended up falling down! 

This is where some of your money has been put, i contributed $200.00 last month to the building of this church and it is almost done it will be ready for mass this Tuesday! 

 A lot of people showed up, and continue to show up for the building of the Church in Chonta Punta! 

 Another view of the beautiful church there will be a mass celebrated soon by the Bishop in it!