Friday, September 12, 2014

Water, more water

Hey all!

Hope this finds you well, i have been up to a lot, some of the most recent news is we are now in summertime here in the Amazon forest, which is basically less rain and more sun, and more sun!

We hadn't received anything besides a light sun-shower in two weeks, we had left to go into the jungle to visit some communities, Mango Playa, Chonta Punta, La Florida & Selva Amazonica. We went and spent the night in Mango Playa the very next day we split up and half of us went to Chonta Punta while the other half went to La Florida and Selva Amazonica we spent the night in both communities and that night it rained from 9:00 pm through to midday.

We hopped on the 7:30 am bus to return to Ahuano, and about halfway through the drive to Ahauno we round a slight turn we feel the bus swerve and then a giant crash and the bus jumped into the air then we slid to the side, and to finish off we had a final thud!

The big noises turned out to be our half axle of the bus complete with all four wheels had come lose somehow and we had then slid to the side on nothing except the bus frame!

It was still continuing to rain, so everyone got out of the bus and began to walk, eventually different vehicles began to pick the passengers and when we were picked up by a truck and when we got to a bridge a little bit before where we live the river was almost touching the top part of the bridge. As well the very next strip of road was full of water and no trucks, buses, or cars could cross the gap created by the water. So eventually someone grabbed a canoe and began to transport the forty passengers across the gap.

We passed eventually and then got on another bus, just five minutes into the drive we were passing through a different community and the water had gotten up to some of the houses and had entered the first floor of many of the houses, as well as flooding the various farm lands which the surrounding land consisted of. We got to the next biggest bridge and the water was incredibly high, and you could see the numerous whirlpools, we were informed that a small child had been reported taken by the water, and had not survived.

I am going to post some pictures, but continue to keep these people and their homes, and the deceased child in your prayers.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Simple Things, the smallest of these.

This Thursday we had mass here in Ahuano and it was scheduled for 7:00 PM, and come 7:00 no one was there. We have been struggling with having people come to mass for some time now, it is always a struggle to convince the people that they need to come to mass. Why they should, how they could benefit from the mass and the list goes on and on.

So one of the two priests here in Ahuano decided that we would say a rosary and offer the rosary for the people of Ahuano. It seemed like the biggest cliche on the Catholic earth to me at the time, but as we started to just pray the rosary i found myself just engrossed in the prayer itself, and really not just saying the words but praying the prayer. 
A specific family who i have gotten particularly close with (a single mother of five daughters) came in and finished praying the rosary with us. No one else came in, we were not swarmed with people as if we had just witnessed a miracle, but afterwards i realized what i had witnessed.

I had witness the faith of not hundreds of people but of a simple family a mother and her daughters, and knowing that we may not have been many but we were united in that moment of prayer, and community. That moment really touched me how a rosary united us, a simple prayer with so much power. Our lady -the virgin Mary- is here to intercede for us and to help bring us closer to her son, why not use thatas often as we can? I asked myself and thought why do i not use this awesome simple prayer more often?

I am left with these unanswered questions but i am sure that i will be using this weapon more often in the future, growing closer to Jesus through Mary.

We had the chance to go visit a close friend of ours in the hospital her five month baby who has been having random seizures,so they had to take her in to the hospital. So we had the opportunity to go visit them, and say the divine mercy chaplet! It was so peaceful, they are going to be taking the baby to do more tests in Quito (Ecuador's capital) so pray that everything goes smoothly.

Continue to pray for Mishel the five month year old baby, as well for our Ahuano. Blessings!