Sunday, November 25, 2012

Misahualli. Ecuador

Sometime in January Me, Ryan, and Luis will be leaving for Ecuador! We are going to working with the local priest, and sisters! We have heard GREAT things about past missions, and we have also heard that the sisters are really awesome, and they go and visit the nearby villages!

We will fly into Quito, then we will take a bus down to Misahualli, that will be about six hours.

Pray, that our mission goes well, and that all the hearts including ours will be prepared for this awesome GOD based Mission!

IN Christ,


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mexico is home for many, and a comfort of simplicity.

Hey everyone for the past two weeks we have been in General Cepeda, MX. We have been visiting the home-bound, going to the Ranchos and praying/ giving teachings/ testimonies/ talking, with the people there. It is so great to see God working daily, in all of the small things that i do around the house in General Cepeda! I recently have been going to this place in town called the comedor and it is basically; a government run building where they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the homeless, and those who cannot afford food. We share on a scripture there and talk about it and visit with the men there it is such a blessing to see their faces light you when you talk about Jesus!

Something that has recently blessed me is this! There is this man who comes to the comedor and he is employed by the government to clean up around the town cutting the weeds. At the end of his day he cuts down branches to use for linnia (firewood) which is carries on his back so it has been a blessing for me to be able to take that burden, or load and help him carry it, he is 81 years old!

A short term mission trip has come down to General Cepeda yesterday and God will be moving mightily in this group! So pray that all goes well!

Some other good news is i found out where i will be stationed for my formative year! I will be stationed with a fellow intaker Ryan, and a seasoned "missonary" Luis (native to Venezuela) We will be working with the sisters, and the local priests there!

We are all excited! Pray that everything i have written about goes according to God's will.

Peace in Jesus, Mateo

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Road trip to Mexico, and Texas!

Hey all!
We are on our way to General Cepeda, Mexico! We left Saturday at 1:00. We were invited to set up a table outside of a church at Saint Marys (right by Texas A&M) we are also giving a presentation after the last mass at 7:15, it is exciting to let people know about the urgency of missions, and being able to share the gospel with them as well!
We have already had some great responses at our table, many young people have been very interested in missions praise GOD!
We are staying at one of our "intakees" parent's house they have been very hospitable to us, and have generously opened up their home to us.
We watched the LSU Alabama football game last night and to say the least, it was a sad day for a tiger fan... a heartbreaking game... But nonetheless! Texas is beautiful, the people are very friendly, and so far the food is great (Which is a plus for me!) We are enjoying ourselves, and i am taking every opportunity that the Lord is giving me to share the gospel with each and every one of his children! It is such a joy to be a missionary i pray that the Lord will raise up many more missionaries to serve Him in his world, and bring more souls to Christ!

1 Thessalonians 5:17 "Pray without ceasing!"