Sunday, June 30, 2013

Calling all men, answer your call!

For this post i wanted to talk a little bit about how missions has made me, and continues to make me into the man that i am today!
First off when i entered Intake (which is the formation that every missionary goes through) it was very tough for me and it was a real everything tester! It was an intense time, but a time for great growth, experiencing missions, and being purified.

Because the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son."

Hebrews 12:6

knowing that the LORD chastises those whom he loves is a very encouraging thing!
Now being in Ecuador for over five months, and being able to look back and see what all we have done,
is very sentimental in a way. But in the same respect i can see the things i have struggled with, things that have been a sacrifice, and things that are just down-right weird, and so different.
The way missions has formed me as a man, and continues to form me is probably just the day-to-day stuff, the issues, sacrifices, people, weather, trips, public transportation, and the list goes on and on. The fight against the evil one on a daily basis, having my time with the LORD i have come to see is vital to my life on a daily basis without it i will FAIL! I have come to see how much i relied on material things and less on GOD, as compared to now i rely more and more on JESUS  everyday, he is my food daily. Taking it day-by-day rather then thinking too much about the future, which i think is the most helpful thing i have decided to change in me!

Thinking of my call to missions i remember going to a come and see and being overwhelmed by all of the commitments that i was required to make, and obviously keep. 
Also i think back to those days before intake started (i joined intake 2 days before it started) and feeling conflicted, ultimately these are the reason i joined: i was just so interested, i knew it would be a challenge, i knew that it would make me grow as a man, i needed to serve the poor again, i had to be humbled, i needed a change, and GOD just kept knocking at my door i couldn't just slam the door in his face again! GOD was calling me deeper most of all and i knew that i would hate the commitments, and that would be a tough thing for me to do, but as i look back on them (i am not finished with them though) i realize that no internet, drinking, smoking, and girls was a great thing to form me, and to make me obedient to my Directors, but more than that to GOD which is so much more important than any material desire i could ever have! 

I hope whoever reads this thinks about joining FMC, it will change your life, and you will not regret it! 
This is a call to all men everywhere, be radical and complete GOD's calling to be his servant fully! 
JESUS told his disciples when he appeared to them  in the upper room, peace be with you, and assured them that he was a human! GOD wants to send out humans to minister to his people! People with flaws, people that are broken, hypocrites! 
Bring GOD your trials, your pain, hurt, and insecurities and answer when he calls you! 

BE A MAN, answer the call you have in your life! 

"Be not afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Put your nets down for a catch!" 

Pope John Paul II