Monday, February 4, 2013

Ecuador, Ahuano, discernment, callings, living conditions, and the need.

So we are finally in the great country of Ecuador! Our missionary “installers” (who are two full time missionaries, who flew down to Ecuador with us to help install us) left us about two weeks ago so we are finally settled in!

We had a four day retreat to discern what the LORD has in store for us during our time here in Ahuano, Ecuador. It was probably the most fruitful retreat I have ever been a part of. We each took turns giving talks. We summarized Pope John Paul II encyclical Redemptories Missio and discerned how the theme in each chapter could be applied to our mission here in Ahuano. We came up with a few themes from all of the discernment time.
·        We are here to unify the family
·        Promote vocations
·        Testify to the vocation that we are living

We are very excited about our mission here in AHUANO, ECUADOR!

Some ministries we are going to be involved in while we are here include the following: Youth Group, giving talks at the different villages, visiting the shut in’s elderly, Bible study, and children’s bible study.
I would like to talk a little bit about our living conditions so you all can get a feel for what we have here in Ahuano.

We have two rooms, one room we use for storage-clothes, shoes, showers, basically a place for all of the stuff that we have.
We have one other room in this room we-sleep, and study. We compiled three beds so it is a little crammed. For cooking we cook everything ourselves. We can pick from a list of food items-bananas, pantans (grilled typed of Banana), patacones (too ripe bananas that are grilled taken out then smashed and then grilled again), rice, tuna, and various fruits. Occasionally a meat as well!

We live simply, we are trying to be one with the people in-cculturating as Pope John Paul II states in mission of the redeemer in-culturating can take sometimes a lifetime.
There is great need here for the youth to be rescued from bad influences of drugs, sex, and alcohol. So we try to always be good examples to the youth. Pray for them always.
Pray also for our health as a team we are going through a spell of sickness, and all your prayers would be appreciated!

One last thing I want to say; I just want to thank all of those who support me financially 
I appreciate everything that you do to support me, in prayer, and though finances!

GOD Bless you all!