Saturday, October 19, 2013

The man from Argentina

I remember about four months back when we had our last mission trip come to Misahualli for a week, we had just come back from a community and I remember at that particular community there were some tourists at the community, and they came in when we had our reunion with the community. They ended up leaving during the talk, so we left and got back to the town and I ended up running to into both of them in town.
The man ended up giving me a note from the Muslim bible; I read it while I walked into town to get some things. I was a little confused; I walked back to the hotel and saw them sitting on the steps that led up to the hotel and they started to ask me about my faith.
The guy ended up telling me that I was wasting my time being a missionary and that I’m doing everything wrong, and that I would be better off if I was handing out toothbrushes rather than singing and sharing GOD’S word with the people, and that I was pushing religion on people and that I didn’t understand the culture. At first I was a little down on myself, and I felt sad. But then I realized that this was a sign from the LORD confirming that my presence in Ecuador is needed, it encouraged me more than anything!
I hope that this story has helped and encouraged you all, GOD bless!


Sunday, October 13, 2013


It never ceases to amaze me how despite whatever happens thought every week that i live here in Ecuador, among people i never knew before and no matter what happens Sundays renew everything! I want to encourage everyone out there is your week seems longs, and you want to give up just wait for Sunday it TRULY is renewed! You cannot make anything new, but HE can, give it to him, leave it UP to him!

Don't give up on love-Sanctus Real is a great song to listen to it talks about not giving up n love.
Just as love, JESUS never gave/gives up on us we shouldn't ever give up on LOVE!

I encourage you all to listen to the song and remember that you all are always in my prayers!